Project Xerotic: v0.0.3-beta.0 (Bitcoin Dumper Utility)

If you have followed my thread on “How I Hacked Bitcoin Wallet”, the last step was to convert the HEX key to WIF (Wallet Import Format) key. Since is down, I had to make a tool to make it easier to convert without manually doing it. After being requested, here is the tool.



Get Access

  • Please make sure the email you use on OpenCollective is the same as the one you use for Flaw Tech. After donation, your account will be assigned access to Flaw Tech’s VIP section.

  • If you donate, please make sure to send your username alongside the receipt to [email protected] if you wish to upgrade your account.

Alternatively you can also contribute to Flaw Tech to be upgraded to VIP. The only requirement is that you must have 5 approved meaningful topics posted and at least 10 posts.


After getting upgraded to VIP group, head over to this thread and download the files:


  • Windows 8.1 or 10